1. General provisions

These General Conditions of Business (“General Terms”) define the basis of use and the rights and obligations of the beneficiary (hereinafter referred to as “User”; or “Subscriber”) and the service provider of SNAPGUEST d.o.o., (provider or SNAPGUEST), in relation to the use and operation of services, websites, portals and applications:

available also on the APP Store and Google Play.

The user is anyone who visits one of the pages/portals/applications listed in the article.

The General Conditions of Business shall form an integral part of any contract between the bidder and the beneficiary.

All of these provisions of the General Business Conditions are general conditions within the meaning of Article 120. of the Compulsory Relations Act (Uradni list RS, št. 97/07 and similar) and are mandatory as a contractual clause.

By using the provider’s website, applications and services, the user accepts and agrees to:

  • has read and understood and will respect these General Conditions;
  • these General Conditions are legally binding on it;
  • is 18 years old or more and capable of business.

2. User Registration

The user must register for use. The user must complete all required fields accurately and truthfully. False impersonation is a felony.

3. User Contents and Mode of Action

The website/portal/application allows users to quickly register on AJPES in Slovenia or eVisitor in Croatia via a telephone camera, keeping the guest book and related services (tourist taxes and monthly expenses). Some multi-functional user packages allow the user to keep reservations via the SnapGuest reservation system-sync sales channels and issue confirmed tax accounts via the SnapGuest tax office. The user is obliged to provide legal and accurate information. SNAPGUEST is not responsible for user information published on this portal. User data is the property of the user and is responsible for it. However, SNAPGUEST gives itself the right to delete and edit data that it considers to be illegal.

By publishing the user’s data, the user agrees to display it on the portal and to the associated promotional use of that data.

The user agrees that any irregularities regarding the publication of user data will immediately notify the bidder of the portal.

Users must obtain permission from guests to collect and send their personal data to the RS Agency for Public Law Bodies and Services (AJPES) via SNAPGUEST. In the case of the collection of personal data on minors, the beneficiary must obtain the consent of the minor’s parents or legal representatives.

Each guest’s personal information is stored online in the cloud. They can only be accessed by a user name and password in the SNAPGUEST application.

For Slovenia: Through the https encrypted protocol, each guest’s data is forwarded to AJPES, usually for legal purpose. The user must verify the accuracy of covered data from the guests before storing it by clicking on >STORE< and forwarding it to AJPES.

Tax treasury

Users are only responsible for correctly entered data to the company and regularity via SnapGuest tax treasury FURS forwarded data. SnapGuest as a platform offers the necessary legal satisfaction functions when issuing tax accounts. SnapGuest offers user support and help to set up data in the cashier, but responsibility for correctly setting and forwarding data on FURS rests solely with the user himself.

Reservation system

SnapGuest’s reservation management system allows you to manage affordable prices on sales channels via a mobile app. The user is aware that different time frames are set for the operation of the booking system and in synchronization by the sales channels, meaning that changes that are among the variables (price, availability, terms of sale) are not necessarily reflected immediately to the sales channel. The user is responsible for the regularity and the adequacy of the data entered. SnapGuest bears no responsibility for possible overbooking. 

Users of the reservation system can offer their facilities to guests on our online booking platform Guests will pay a 2% fee directly to SnapGuest upon booking, while the rest of the reservation will be settled upon arrival in the manner provided by the service provider. 

4. Protection of personal data and user privacy

The user shall have all rights in relation to the processing of personal data, as prescribed by the Personal Data Protection Act. Information on the processing of personal data and the rights deriving from it is described more precisely in the Privacy Policy published at: in Croatia and at: in Slovenia.

During the duration of the contract and beyond, the bidder may use impersonal, anonymized data to improve service, statistical analysis, technical support, and other business purposes. The bidder will process your personal data, which you forward to us, for the benefit of securing your rights under this contract, for checking compliance with the general operating conditions, for analyzing and studying user habits, for the purpose of evaluating the offer, informing other customer satisfaction, and correcting your questions, or advertising questions. 

Occasionally, the bidder will ask you for feedback about your satisfaction with the use of the service. The bidder can also use the data for direct marketing and prepare special offers for you and notify you in a way of your choice (e-mail, text, or on an internet platform). 

The user may not object to any other purposes of the processing of personal data relating to him in relation to the use, except by way of withdrawing the contract in accordance with those general terms. In this case, it must terminate the account.

The tenderer shall not forward personal data to third users, except:

  • external contractual bidders that process data exclusively in the name, on account, under instructions and supervision of the bidders, for example call centers, printers, advertising agencies,
  • to public authorities on the basis of their reasoned request for the purpose of conducting a specific procedure;
  • if presented with a letter of personal consent, respectively user authorization.

5. Customer Support

The provider offers professional and technical support to all users in the use of the portal and the application, namely during the provider’s regular working hours, which are published on the website.

If you have any questions or problems regarding the use of the portal, you can send your request to in Slovenia and to in Croatia.

The bidder maintains SNAPGUEST so that it is available for direct use 24 hours a day and all days of the year according to regulations.

The provider has the right to temporarily interrupt, respectively restrict access to the business internet for technical reasons of maintenance and replacement of equipment. For maintenance-related reasons, the provider also gives the right to further interruptions of access to the service, but as a rule, at night or on Sunday. 

6. Copyright

The content is owned by the bidder and is therefore copyright protected by law in force. The contents also include a graphic view of this portal with all graphic elements. Any copying and publishing of this content on other websites or portals is strictly prohibited, except with the written permission of the portal provider.

7. Limitation of liability

The user undertakes that the pages/portals/applications mentioned in the first article of these Terms will not be used for unlawful purposes or for purposes that might harm the provider or other users. It is also not permitted to disable or impede the use of its other users. The tenderer shall not be responsible for the accuracy and up-to-date of the data published by the user and shall not assume responsibility for the acts carried out by the user on the basis of the published data. 

8. Duration and termination of the contract

A subscription contract is created on the basis of a concluded contract, via an online form, respectively downloading the application by the user. First of all, you have a free trial period at your disposal, from which the duration is publicly published on the SNAPGUEST website.

The start of the subscription period is the first day after the end of the trial period.

The subscription contract is for six or twelve months. At the end of that period, the subscription contract is automatically extended for a period of 6 or 12 months.

If the user wishes to terminate the subscription contract, he must inform SNAPGUEST in writing no later than 30 days before the end of the subscription period. The notice shall be sent in writing to the headquarters of SNAPGUEST or by e-mail to in Slovenia, or to in Croatia. If the user announces the termination of the subscription contract too late, the subscription contract is automatically extended for another 6 or 12 months, after the expiry of that 6 or 12 months the subscription contract is terminated, without the user having to re-submit the request to terminate the contract.

The user confirms that he is familiar with the valid price list ( and accepts it.

Pricelist Croatia:

Pricelist Slovenia:

The unit of account is 6 or 12 months, which is why it is not possible to terminate the subscription contract for individual products. 

Any violation of the general terms results in the termination of the subscription contract at the same time, whereby the user is obliged to fully meet the obligations of the subscription contract for the current year.

For example, if the user violates rules on the acceptable level of communication (harassment, defamatory speech, discrimination, conduct of activities – which are contrary to these general terms or laws), SNAPGUEST has the right to terminate the contract immediately and permanently or temporarily disable or delete the user account. SnapGuest has the right to disable access or restrict activity if it notices that data visualization and any other automatic activity is carried out via the user’s name, or if the user is late in payment for more than 15 days.

9. Dispute Settlement

The law of the Republic of Slovenia shall be used for all questions concerning the structure, validity, implementation and explanation of these General Conditions. Possible disputes arising out of breach of these General Terms will be resolved peacefully by the portal bidder. Possible disputes arising out of breach of these General Terms will be resolved peacefully by the portal bidder. Disputes, which exhaust all out-of-court means of reaching an agreement, is the District Court in Kranj, Republic of Slovenia, competent to resolve disputes.

10. Final provision

The tenderer shall have the right to supplement, repair or amend the general operating conditions. In this case, they shall inform the user before implementing them, by sending him a proposal to amend the general terms (e-mail, notice on the website or in the application). If the user disagrees with the changes to the General Terms and Conditions, he may derogate from the contract concluded on the basis of these General Terms without termination. Further use of the services of the bidder at the beginning of validity of the new Terms means that the user agrees with these Terms.

For any questions regarding these General Terms, the bidder is available to the user at an e-mail address in Croatia or in Slovenia.

These General Conditions shall apply and apply from 1.7.2021 onwards.

Bled, 1.7.2021

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